From Lumberjacks to Leisure: Sisters Country’s Transformation

Sisters Country, nestled within the majestic Oregon Cascade Mountains, has undergone a remarkable journey from its rugged, timber-dominated past to becoming a beloved destination for relaxation and outdoor adventure. This transformation tells a story of resilience, community, and a deep connection to the natural world, illustrating how Sisters Country has adapted and flourished over time.

The Timber Era

The early 20th century marked the beginning of the timber era in Sisters Country. The dense forests of the Cascade Range were an economic boon, attracting lumberjacks and their families, and fostering a community built around the timber industry. Sawmills buzzed with activity, and the town thrived on the back of this natural resource. This period was defined by hard work, a strong sense of community, and an indomitable spirit that set the stage for the region’s future.

Shift to Sustainability and Tourism

As the century progressed, the timber industry faced declines due to environmental concerns, changing economic conditions, and a growing awareness of the need for sustainable practices. Sisters Country, with its stunning landscapes and vast outdoor recreational opportunities, began to see a new path forward. The community pivoted towards tourism, leveraging its natural beauty to attract visitors seeking escape and adventure in the great outdoors.

A New Identity

Today, Sisters Country is synonymous with leisure, relaxation, and outdoor activities. The area boasts world-class hiking, fishing, cycling, and skiing, alongside events like the Sisters Rodeo and the renowned Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. This transition from lumberjacks to leisure has not only preserved the natural environment but has also breathed new life into the community, creating a vibrant economy centered around tourism and recreation.

Preserving History While Embracing Change

Despite these changes, Sisters Country has not forgotten its roots. The town’s architecture, museums, and cultural events pay homage to its timber and pioneer heritage, blending history with modernity. This delicate balance of preserving the past while embracing a sustainable future speaks to the community’s resilience and adaptability.


The transformation of Sisters Country from a timber-centric economy to a leisure and tourism haven is a testament to the community’s vision, effort, and love for their land. It showcases the possibility of change that respects both heritage and the environment, creating a thriving, sustainable future. Sisters Country stands as a beacon of how communities can evolve, offering lessons in sustainability, economic diversification, and the enduring power of nature to inspire and rejuvenate.

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